We Are Worth More!

15 Now NJ will make a major announcement on Saturday, April 1st at 1:00 pm. The announcement will take place outside the Grove Street PATH Station in Jersey City, as part of the campaign to raise the minimum wage. Click here for details!

Hey, New Jersey, now is the time to fight, to come together and to win! The Garden State is ripe for a $15 minimum wage. The seeds have been planted. But we need to nurture this growing movement with the energy of a sustained, bottom-up push for a $15 minimum wage. It’s time to take to the streets and to rock the State Assembly, to demand they act to guarantee a living wage for New Jersey residents.

Our organizers volunteer time for our cause, and your donations help get them the materials and resources they need to grow the cause. No corporate donors, grassroots only. We treat our sponsors money with respect, $5 a month makes a huge difference!
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The only way we can win when confronted with the wealth and power of big business is if we organize! We must construct a grassroots campaign that brings together our whole community. From neighborhoods, unions, and student groups to local activists, and community organizations to participate in meetings, mass rallies, and strikes to demand $15 NOW! Join our NJ mailing list.