15 Now New Jersey stands up for the working class of this state by organizing and educating the public on how increasing the minimum wage can be a part of making sure that all labor has dignity. Nobody who works full time should live in poverty. Our demands are”

Legislation must be introduced that makes the minimum wage $15 NOW, increasing to $20 by 2022, and
henceforth tied to inflation. These increases must apply to ALL workers, including agricultural workers and youth. No racist, sexist carve outs. We are tired of politicians perpetuating racism through labor law. On its own, increasing the minimum wage is not enough. There also need to be increased penalties for wage theft, including criminal prosecution.

To send a message to your state legislators click here. Contact us to join in the struggle for a $20 an hour minimum wage by 2022. We have local groups doing the grassroots work needed to make this happen all over the state, your help can make this happen.

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